New Circuit Test (NCT) was established in 1991. Headquartered in Scotland, United Kingdom, the primary goal at that time was to supply high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions for the ever demanding requirements of Automated Test & Production Equipment for PCB’s and Electronic Equipment.

What We Do

“We work with you, Not for you!”

With the rapid growth in technology, the EMS industry has come a long way, NCT alike. Today’s Printed Circuits are far smaller, far more technologically advanced and have far less real estate available than 20 years ago. They also require more stringent testing. The evolution and success of NCT is strongly associated with continued investment in Equipment, Leverage of Technological Advancement, People and Highly Innovative Solutions. This has enabled NCT to grow in parallel with the industry and keep up with our customer demands.

At NCT, we forge strong relationships with our clients. We deliver the capacity for so much more. By satisfying the clients needs at every phase of the process, we have successfully established strong partnerships on a global basis. This is also a result of exceptional Customer Support, Skilled Staff and our Global Logistical Capabilities. Our client base consists of many major “Blue-chip” OEM’s and the General EMS Sector, distributed throughout a wide array of industries worldwide. The latest chapter of our success story is the acquisition of new manufacturing facility in Glasgow, Scotland.

Our Guaranteed Service

  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Delivery Deadline Guarantee
  • High Quality In-House Manufacture
  • Financially Competitive
  • Global Service and Support
  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Continued Improvement Policy

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