Credit Card Reader Test System

Credit Card Reader Test System

The newly developed EMV Card Reader Test System by NCT is a leap forward in the Industry of Card Reader Manufacturing. In an era where almost anything can be purchased with plastic, Card Reader Machines are in high demand and, can be found anywhere from department stores to street vendor stalls. NCT’s initiative to invest and develop such a test system was fortified by the whopping statistics of modern payment methods, where more than 80% of financial transactions use Electronic Card Readers.

The CRTS is a multi-purpose, multi-function test . It is capable of testing a variety of functions as well as programming card readers. Once an operator has loaded a product into the system, automation takes over. Automated individual key pressing, magnetic side swipe, contactless swipe and “chip & pin” card insertion. The system also houses a hi-resolution “industrial machine vision area scan camera” to detect display functionality, such as colour and backlight. OCR (Optical char-acter recognition), pixel detection and pattern recognition are also additional functions of the camera.

Using NCT’s Card Reader Test System can reduce test time from 9 mins when done manually to a mere 12 seconds using our new automated technology.


  • Fully Automated Test Functionality
  • Stand Alone Operation With Wireless Tablet Control
  • Hi Speed Multi-Function, Multi-Purpose Tester
  • Single or Multi-Station Configuration For Volume T/P


  • Automated Side Swipe, “Chip & Pin” and Contactless
  • Hi-Res Industrial Machine Vision Area Scan Camera
  • LED Colour and Status Detection
  • Individual Automated Key Pressing (Software Driven)
  • Automated Product Connector Interface Probing
  • Fully Programmable Test Sequence via Software
  • Pneumatically Operated System
  • Product Detection Sensors and Poka-Yoke Design
  • Automatic Product Lock Upon Test Failure (Option)

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