Genrad Vac Single

Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture

The Teradyne 228x is by far one of the most widely utilized Test Stations in the Industry. Used primarily for ICT, the 228x also has flexible options for additional types of testing and device programming.

New Circuit Test (NCT) offers a variety of fixture kits to suit the Teradyne 228x Tester as standard “Off The Shelf” NCT products. With kits manufactured in-house, ready for customization, we can offer very quick turnaround tailored to suit customer demands.

From Data Supply to Delivery, our team of Skilled and Experienced Engineers, Technicians and Staff can have your fixture On-Line within 4 weeks (2 weeks or less expedited)

NCT can provide full Data Processing, Drilling, Wiring, Test Software and custom require-ments for the 228x fixture. We have the ability to incorporate an array of custom features such as auxiliary top, bottom or side access probing. Bi-Level option for JTAG/Boundary Scan or simple Functional Power up. Dual well option for high volume throughput.


  • Compatible with Genrad & Teradyne 228x Series Testers
  • Off The Shelf” NCT Kits With Rapid Turnaround
  • Turnkey Solution: In House Manufacture, Design, Data
  • Processing, Drilling, Wiring and Test Program.


  • 15, 18 or 33 Row Genrad/Teradyne 228X Interface
  • Up to 4020 Usable Nodes
  • Standard G10 (FR4) Probe Plate and Top Plate
  • Variety of ESD or Fully Insulated Materials Available
  • Optional ESD Top Plate and/or Probe Plate
  • Standard Polycarbonate Pusher Plate. G10 or Aluminium Pusher plate optional
  • Pneumatic or Vacuum actuation
  • Options include Bi-Level, Top Probing, Dual Well
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture
Teradyne 228x ICT Fixture

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